Tag: 5 things I'd like to see in Opera

I got a tag from Saito. It's very hard to answer this because I have lots of requests...

My requests are below:

Well then, I'll explain above requests in English.

1. Run Opera Mini on my mobile phone

In Japan, we cannot use Opera Mini on almost mobile phones. I really hope to use Opera Mini!

Our phones supports Java MIDP 2.0, but mainly vendors don't permit running Opera Mini on their phones. Applications that run on phone need to vendors permission to use it easyly in Japan. I guess this isn't an issue for Opera but vendors. I think users and Opera need to approach.

Opera cannot find the word that include line break on the page.

This is critical issue for CJK users. We cannot find all of results.

Nowadays, Safari supports very rich incremental search feature. It's great, but I don't need it. I need only correctly result.

3. Improve font support

Opera's font setting has some bugs. Especially I hope to fix the bug Opera doesn't use valid font when there is no glyph in the most prior font.

For example, "font-family:'Courier New', 'MS Gothic'" means using "MS Gothic" when "MS Gothic" has glyph. But Opera doesn't use 'MS Gothic' but font by setting of Opera.

4. Add feature to create user stylesheets

I hope to create original user stylesheets without writing CSS codes, only using GUI.

Now, Opera has great interface to use user stylesheets I think. We can use presetted user stylesheets, select between Author style mode and User style mode, and so on.

But we needs original style because User stylesheets should use for personalization. Stylish that is one of a Firefox's extension is good, But it's fake. Almost Stylish users who cannot write CSS use it for applying style made by other person. It's as same as using Opera's preset style.

I think Stylish is useful and better than Opera's interface, at least Stylish is more customizable than Opera's. But I don't hope Opera to choose same way. I hope to get really way to personalize any web sites.

5. Keep policy, "five S"

I read Opera's policy is five S, Speed, Size, Standards Compliance, Security and State of the Art. Please keep five S forever. All of them are very important for every users.

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